Our pharmaceutical portfolio consists of structurally and functionally diverse building block compounds which are widely used to assemble various medicinal drug substances. They are readily designed to encompass the breakthrough in drug discovery research, development and manufacturing. In addition, we have developed selectively Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to extend the product offerings.

Go to GLSyntech for diversified niche compound series offerings that range from grams, kilograms, to metric tons.

  • N-, S- and O-based heterocyclic compounds
  • Advanced fluoro aromatic and fluoro heterocylic building block compounds
  • Specialty boronic acids and their derivatives
  • Unnatural amino acids and their derivatives
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Laboratory reference compounds (APIs, metabolites, impurities,degradents, )

GLSyntech offers more than 18,000 high value products. That number increases every day as the result of continuous innovation in chemistry from our chemists. About 35% of them have been scaled up multiple times to kilos and tons. We typically keep 35% to 40% of them in stock.

GLSyntech has established its unique expertise and partnership in developing APIs, and can surely add value to your needs in sourcing APIs.

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