Biocatalyst Technology

All of our enzyme catalysts are developed and produced in house. This is a great asset to allow us to develop customized biocatalysts for specific targets from our customers. Our catalyst portfolio consists of more than 400 proprietary enzymes, and expands every day as a result of the continuous development from the dedicated R&D team.

Enzymatic Catalyst Products

  • Ketoreductases
  • Nitrilases
  • Nitrile hydratases
  • Ene reductases
  • Oxynitrilases
  • Transaminases
  • Nitro reductases
  • Alcohol oxidases
  • P450s
  • Amidases
  • Epoxide hydrolases
  • Lipases (immobilized)
  • Proteases (immobilized)
  • Esterases (immobilized)

Biocatalyst Services

  • Development of enzyme catalyst libraries
  • Lead screening and identification
  • Enzyme production in kilos quantities
  • Enzyme directed evolution
  • Enzyme immobilization
  • Enzyme catalyst catalogs
  • Process route redesign
    • Proof of concept
    • Process optimization
    • Process scale-up (kilos)
    • Production of kilo materials
    • Pilot and manufacturing process
    • Production of bulk materials (> 50kg)

Alternative Processes Derived from Biocatalyst Transformation

Some of the example APIs, as listed below, can be benefited from our biocatalyst technology. Please challenge us with your targets of interest.

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