Biocatalyst Kits

The reactions catalyzed by enzymes have several advantages over those traditional chemical transformations, such as mild reaction conditions, high specificity (selectivity), low cost and environmental compatibility. The judicial selection and use of an enzyme for a reaction can be greatly facilitated by performing a high throughput enzymatic reaction screening with enzyme screening kits. We offer 15 enzyme screening kits targeting different classes of enzymatic transformations.

1. KRED Kit

It contains 120 ketoreductases (KREDs), and is a useful tool to quickly determine the feasibility of using a KRED for a regio- and stereoselective reduction of a wide range of aldehydes, -ketoesters, a-ketoesters and ketones

Reaction Type
  1. The kit contains 1 mg enzyme, 1.07 mg K2HPO4, 0.52 mg