GLSyntech is in a strategic equity sharing alliance with its sister company GLSynthesis. This equity sharing relationship ensures true one-company operation efficiency and the delivery of optimal values to customers and shareholders.

It also allows us to offer both Kilo cGMP services and non-GMP chemistry services out of our 12,000 FT2 R&D facility in Worcester, MA. That capability is uniquely interconnected with our GMP quality manufacturing plants in China to satisfy customer's outsourcing needs for bulk products in API development and manufacturing.

GMP-quality manufacturing plants in China are well positioned for the quality manufacturing of multi-step challenging chemistries for both advanced intermediates and APIs. They are ISO 9000:2001 certified, and built in compliance with GMP standards, and integrated with research and kilo scale-up laboratories on site, aiming at a smooth and prompt manufacturing process transfer, therefore, reducing overall development and production time and cost.

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