Pharmaceutical Reference Standard Compounds (PRSCs)

PRSCs are highly-characterized chemical structures in both normal and deuterium forms that are used by investigators as research tools in preclinical research studies examining a number of parameters, including drug impurity profiling, metabolism, degradation, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology. Our unique product portfolio consists of a wide selection of over 6000 high-purity PRSCs, such as:

  • API reference standards
  • Drug metabolites
  • Impurities
  • Pharmaceutical related intermediates
  • Stable labeled isotopes (mainly deuterium, also 13C or 15N)
  • Analogues
  • Other reference compounds

We consistently keep about 80% of PRSC products in stock as we continue to developing new chemistries and processes. If you need a compound that is not currently listed by us we can provide it through our value-added custom synthesis services which covers isotopically labeled and normal APIs, and their metabolites, impurities and degradants, from milligrams to multi kilograms.

We are a licensed supplier of Pfizer.s laboratory research reference compounds, such as APIs, impurities and metabolites. We are in turn to supply them, along with our PRSCs, to investigators for use in their preclinical research studies. Please refer to ABOUT US - Collaboration for more details.

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